The price listed below are a general guideline for most repairs.  Prices can vary based on condition and availability of parts.  For this reason, every job is given a FREE ESTIMATE when we receive it, and we will not start a job unless the customer gives us written, fax or e-mail authorization.  These prices are subject to change without notice, although we would like to note that we are proud of our price structure and have not had to raise our base repair rates in over 5 years.  Our FREE ESTIMATE includes disassembly of the clock so as to access the movement, removal of the movement and diagnosis of the problem.  The estimate will then be sent to the owner in writing for approval.  Should the owner wish to decline the repair, the clock will be carefully re-assembled and returned to the seller at no charge, with an exception for shipping and handling. (A $5.00 handling fee will apply)   If you have access to a digital camera and can e-mail or text us a picture of the clock and the movement, we can often times give you an estimate over the phone.  PRICE GIUDLINE: Battery quartz $20, Battery quartz pendulum $38.95, Battery quartz chime $89.95, Battery quartz chime pendulum $99.95, Clean & oil single wind or weight time only clock $90-$130, Clean & oil single double wind or weight time and strike clock $150-$200, Clean & oil triple wind or weight Westminster chime clock $225-$325, Clean & oil Grandmother or Grandfather clock $399-$499 (bushings included in most of these repairs), Clean and oil 1-day cuckoo clock $99-$129,Clean and oil 8-day cuckoo clock $149-$189, Clean and oil 1-day musical cuckoo clock $199-$229, Clean and oil 8-day musical cuckoo clock $239-$269; New replacement movements available also. Text to 239-728-4016; E-mail addresses:  davedettmann@gmail.com